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    Star Trek celebrity guest Scott Thompson playing Tomin in the Voyager episode called Someone to Watch Over Me.


The top picture is the actor in normal circumstances, and the bottom
picture(s) is of the actor in their specific role(s).

6 Pictures from Someone to
Watch Over Me

6 Pictures from
The Price

Scott Thompson

 Scott is most famous as the flamboyantly gay Canadian comedian on the TV show The Kids In The Hall. He has also acted in, The Pacifier, and the Kids in the Hall movie callled Brain Candy.


  1. Someone to Watch Over Me
    Star Trek: Voyager - 216
    (episode # 5.22)
    -Playing Tomin
    -Neelix is left in charge of the Kadi ambassador on Voyager and the Doctor figures Seven of Nine needs the experience of dating. Seven of Nine sings "You Are My Sunshine." with the doctor and he ends up falling for her. Meanwhile, Neelix loses control of Tomin, who has had too much to drink.
    -Tomin is the Kadi ambassador that violated every tenet of his strict culture by eating, drinking, and socializing to unconsciousness. Borg nanoprobes were used to restore his sobriety.
  2. The Price
    Star Trek: The Next Generation - 156
    (episode # 3.08)
    -Playing DaiMon Goss
    -The crew plays host to a group of visiting dignitaries who are negotiating for the rights to a stable wormhole, but it is determined that the wormhole is not as stable or as valuable as it looks.
    -DaiMon Goss demanded the right to negotiate on behalf of the Ferengi for rights to the Barzan wormhole. Arridor distilled pyrocites from Goss's blood which were used to provoke an extreme allergic reaction in the Federation's chief negotiator.
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