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Trivia Deck - Star Trek Celebrity Guest Stars

    Star Trek celebrity guest Ron Perlman playing The Viceroy in an appearance in the Nemesis movie. A famous actor from the Hellboy films.


The top picture is the actor in normal circumstances, and the bottom
picture(s) is of the actor in their specific role(s).

4 Pictures
Ron Perlman

 His most recent and possibly most famous role was as Hellboy in the movie. He was also in Blade II as Reinhardt (the Blade Hunter with a bomb stuck in his head), Alien: Resurrection as pretty much the same character, Sleepwalkers, and the TV show "Beauty and the Beast" as of course, the beast.


  1. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)
    -Playing The Viceroy
    -The Romulans are planning an attack on Earth and a new praetor, named Shinzon, who is a clone of Captain Picard, appears to want peace with the Federation. Shinzon needs Picard as his only matching supplier of genetic material. The Enterprise ends up fighting Shinzon's completely cloaked Warbird, while he is trying to destroy earth
    -The Viceroy, Shinzon's Reman advisor, served Shinzon during his campaign to seize control of the Romulan Senate and destroy the Federation, starting with Captain Picard.
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