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Trivia Deck - Star Trek Celebrity Guest Stars

    Star Trek celebrity guest Peter Weller playing John Frederick Paxton in an appearance on Enterprise in Demons and Terra Prime episodes.


The top picture is the actor in normal circumstances, and the bottom
picture(s) is of the actor in their specific role(s).

6 Pictures from

6 Pictures from
Terra Prime

Peter Weller

  His breakout role was Robocop in 1987 and of course Robocop 2, but he was also in Naked Lunch, Leviathan, and Cat Chaserm plus other smaller roles ina few TV shows.


  1. Demons
    -Star Trek: Enterprise - 096
    (episode # 4.20)
    -Playing John Frederick Paxton
    -The Enterprise crew is on Earth for a conference where Trip and T'Pol find out they've had a child together. Clues lead then to group called Terra Prime. Trip and T'Pol are taken prisoner. The groups mining facility/ spaceship goes to warp and lands on Mars where they fire on Earth's moon, gouging a large crater.
  2. Terra Prime
    -Star Trek: Enterprise - 209
    (episode # 4.21)
    -Playing John Frederick Paxton
    -The militant group Terra Prime has their still prisoners Trip and T'Pol's baby (a binary clone) and is threatening to destroy Starfleet with the verteron array. Archer and Trip redirect it to fire harmlessly into the ocean.
    -John Frederick Paxton is the leader of Terra Prime, an underground xenophobic movement. While on Paxton's ship, Archer defeated Paxton during a fatal hand-to-hand combat.
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