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Trivia Deck - Star Trek Celebrity Guest Stars

    Star Trek celebrity guest Kirstie Alley playing Lieutenant Saavik in an appearance from The Wrath of  Khan. She's a famous TV actor from Cheers.


The top picture is the actor in normal circumstances, and the bottom
picture(s) is of the actor in their specific role(s).

4 Pictures from
The Wrath of  Khan

Kirstie Alley

 Her most famous role was on the TV show Cheers. She also starred in Drop Dead Gorgeous, For Richer or Poorer with Tim Allen, Look Who's Talking, Madhouse, Summer School, and Shoot to Kill. Robin Curtis replaced Kirstie as Saavik at a later date.


  1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of  Khan
    -Playing Lieutenant Saavik
    -A Vulcan and protégée of Spock, Saavik was enrolled at Starfleet Academy in 2285. She helped in the rescue of Spock on the Genesis Planet and then returned to Vulcan the following year.
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