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    Star Trek celebrity guest Dina Meyer as Commander Donatra with an appearance in Nemesis. She's a famous TV and movie actor to check out.


The top picture is the actor in normal circumstances, and the bottom
picture(s) is of the actor in their specific role(s).

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Dina Meyer

  A fairly well known actress that has starred in Starship Troopers, Bats, Dragonheart, Saw, and Johnny Mnemonic. She also played Lucinda Nicholson in quite a few episodes of Beverly Hills, 90210.


  1. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)
    -Playing Commander Donatra
    -The commander of a Romulan Warbird, she was told by Shinzon to keep an eye out for any treacherous action by Picard or the Enterprise. As the battle with Shinzon continues, Enterprise receives some surprise assistance from a pair of Romulan warbirds commanded by Donatra. The Scimitar engages the ships in battle, and Donatra's warbird is soon disabled.
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